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​Air Quality Analysis:  Do any of the pictures to the right look like your house? You're home and family's health can be affected by a large number of factors. Mold, pollen, VOC's, radon are some of the major contaminants that we are equipped to help with. Today's homes, while built tighter and more energy efficient, have less air exchange with outside air. Energy loss and your home's ability to exchange air need to be balanced. Many home owners are unaware of this fact and improperly insulate their home in the hopes of saving money on energy. Knowing where and how to insulate is much more efficient than simply throwing your hard earned money into insulating every space you can possibly find. If a home is too tight, it can lead to increased levels of humidity which can eventually turn into a mold problem. Excess humidity can condense inside walls or corners where it is unnoticed for years. Those with asthma or those susceptible to allergens are often the first to notice a problem by experiencing flu like symptoms. If left unchecked, mold will continue to grow in unseen places until it can eventually reach a point where major renovation is required to clean up the home. If you are worried about the quality of the air in your home, we are equipped to test it. We get the air samples analyzed quickly so you can be put at ease on how to proceed for the health and safety of your family.

          If a problem is identified through sampling, we can get you hooked up with local organizations to get you headed in the right direction. We've worked with Melissa Russell, from Green Home Solutions, on a number of jobs and we've found them to be outstanding in their field so we always recommend them when mold is identified as a problem. They can not only clean up the air, but they are equipped to even handle some of the renovations. Depending on the circumstances, they have products available that are much better than standard mold remediation practices. Rather than simply removing all the possibly effected material and replacing it (costly, messy, and time consuming); they may be able to actually treat the materials and leave them in place. Just like their name, they have "green" solutions available which allow occupants to re-enter the home much sooner than standard mold remediation. Look them up if you have found a mold problem in your home.