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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

     Owning a business can be a liability and a Phase 1 Site Assessment can limit that liability for business owners. According to Federal Regulations laid out by the EPA, a business can be held responsible for environmental risks left behind from a previous property owner. If you are thinking about buying real estate that was previously used as a business, having a Phase 1 Assessment performed by us can remove the responsibility of clean up from your shoulders because you, as the new owner, have done your "due diligence" to ensure the property was in compliance with EPA rules and regulations. For instance, Cousin Bob's Garage goes out of business or simply relocates. Over the years he has had used oil and other chemicals stored on the property and many have spilled or leached from their containers into surrounding soils. You purchase the property without noticing, or caring about the stained soil. According to the federal government, it's YOUR responsibility to have the soils de-contaminated and the property cleaned up. Remediation costs can soar into the thousands of dollars and crush the financial stability of small businesses. According to the EPA, if a Phase 1 Site Assessment  was conducted during the acquisition of the property, the EPA will bear the burden of paying for clean up.

     Soil stains are not the only concern. Many businesses use underground storage tanks (UST), above ground storage tanks (AST), or simply poor waste management techniques that are not readily visible. Lead based paint, electromagnetic fields, and asbestos also fall under a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. Should any of these elements become an issue in the future, it is the current property owners responsibility to neutralize the hazard if a Phase 1 is not performed. If you have any questions or concerns about the purchase of a commercial property, please feel free to give us a call.