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Real Estate Inspection in Altoona

General Inspection: A home inspection is not a code inspection. A general home inspection covers the safety and functionality issues of a home. We'll investigate the structure and mechanical aspects of the home in order to make sure all the systems in place are safe and doing their job. These systems include but are not limited to the roofing system, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), doors and windows, electrical, plumbing, moisture control and site drainage, appliances, foundations and so on. Every home has good and bad characteristics and a home inspection is the perfect way to identify those issues so that you're not suprised after you move in. If you have specific concerns about a property, give us a call and we can address your individual concerns to make sure you get the type of home you want. 
Radon: HELPING SOLUTIONS, LLC is licensed by the Commonwealth of PA to measure radon. We have not only completed the requirements to hold a state license but completed additional training in order to better serve our consumers. If you have questions about our radon services just let us know and we can help you understand what radon is and how it can impact your home.
Water Quality Testing: Buying residential property in rural areas can mean depending on a private well to supply you and your loved ones with drinking water. If you're concerned about the quality of that water, let us know and we can send a sample out for laboratory analysis. We use a local lab to decrease turn around times as well as support local businesses so you can get your results in a timely manner.
Mold Analysis: Home owners can sometimes encounter possible mold growth and the ocassional health effects that come along with it. We can drop off a sample for lab analysis and let you know not only if it is mold, but also the type. This can help you and any possible mold remediation providers determine the best course of action. Think mold may be present but you can't find it? An indoor air quality assessment may help isolate the problem area and determine if microbial growth is the cause. 
Wood-Destroying Organisms: Termites are not the only wood destroying pests that can infiltrate your home. There are a host of wood destroying organisms that can attack a structure. We can investigate your property for the presence of any of these pests as well as help you determine the extent of the damage. 
Appliances: If you're concerned about the quality of the appliances that may come with the home at the time of purchase, we can gather the information on those appliances and perform a scan to see if there are any existing recalls on that particular appliance. If there has been a recall, we can get you a free in home repair as well as monitor all your appliances on a monthly basis should any future recalls take effect. If you get new appliances, you can continue the service with your new appliances. 
Investment Properties: If you're an out-of-town investor interested in a local property but don't want to waste the time and money to personally check it out, give us a call. We understand the different concerns that investors have in comparison to shoppers looking for a home and can help you save time while also informing you of the condition of your possible investment property.
Septic System: We can provide a septic system inspection for both current home owners as well as home buyers. What many septic owners don't know is that septic tanks are designed to be pumped out every 3-5 yrs depending on size and load. Often they will unknowingly sell a home that has a poorly maintained septic system only to have the new owner move in and experience problems shortly thereafter. Most inspectors only perform a load and dye test but we'll go the extra mile to visually observe the internal components of your tank to minimize any surprises after move in.
Foundation Certifications: If the structural integrity of a foundation is in question, give us a call. An engineer of record can be used to assess the foundation and validate its integrity or make recommendations to repair the foundation so it can continue to perform as intended.