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Our history and purpose

We are a locally owned inspection firm that has been in business since 2010. We started out like most residential inspection firms do and offered the standard home inspection for real estate transactions. We concentrated on the local area at first but we have grown and now serve all of Central PA to include Johnstown, Altoona, and State College. As real estate purchases have become slightly more complex, we have kept pace. We send our inspectors to continuing education classes every year so that our firm can offer all the services a home buyer/owner may need. We feel this positions us to be a one-stop-shop for our clients and ultimately makes things easier and cheaper for them. Client satisfaction drives everything we do. We can schedule our inspector to be there in the evening so the client can still go to work that day, and, in most cases we can be there within a day or two if a tight deadline exists. We encourage home buyers to tell us their concerns so we can give the issue the proper amount of attention it deserves. We do everything we can to work with reputable lenders, agents, and contractors in the area. Real estate transactions are complicated nowadays so we recommend these organizations and people to guide our clients in making informed decisions. Homes are already expensive, no sense in wasting time and money on sub-standard professionals. Obviously, there are many knowledgeable and ethical professionals out there. The list below is simply the ones that we have personally witnessed to go above and beyond as a regular means of doing business. We attempt to update the list on a regular basis to give these organizations and people the credit they deserve.

Far and away, one of the best lending agencies we have found to date. Jackie, Collette, and Lucretia from JP Mortgage Lending always seem to have happy customers. They’re located locally and transactions with them go smoothly. They stay on top of all the emails, reports, and forms associated with a home purchase and we’ve never witnessed them miss a deadline or lose an important email like we occasionally see with large out of town lenders. Definitely go see them to discuss lending options before you commit to anyone else.

Real Estate Agent: Ethan Brouse
If you’re looking for a home in the Bedford, PA area, Ethan Brouse from Coldwell Banker SKS is someone you will want to talk to. We do inspections all day, every day, and in many cases we never hear from our customer’s agents. Ethan stays on top of each and every one of his transactions from start to finish. He stays in touch with us and his client to make sure inspections stay on schedule, resolve issues found during the process, and do the research to assist the buyer in identifying options and making an informed decision for hurdles along the way.

Real Estate Agent: Kim Mallery
Shopping for a home in the Altoona area? Try reaching out to Kim Mallery from Perry Wellington. We’ve worked with Kim many times over the years and she truly lives up to her motto of ” I work hard for you.” She works non-stop for her clients once a home is identified in order to represent their best interests. She has also done a vast amount of work in the world of investment properties which only adds to experience; and makes her a well rounded choice for a real estate agent.

When it comes to measuring radon, we use #1 Radon Tester LLC. The lab is operated by Celia Rajkovich and she not only runs the lab but spends countless hours mentoring radon professionals in the state to help them maintain the utmost standards. We use this lab because they are local and their turn around times are hard to beat. This is great when trying to meet tight deadlines. While price and turn around time is crucial, it doesn’t outweigh the fact that the quality of their work is top notch.


It’s a colorless, odorless gas that naturally occurs in soil. Unfortunately, our state has more of it than normal and it gets trapped in our homes. PA is considered a Tier 1 state, meaning that we are among the highest levels in the country. Radon in Johnstown, State College, and Altoona is very prevalent. If you have questions about radon, don’t fret. It is usually easy to measure and fix. We can measure the level of radon in your home while we perform your home inspection in Johnstown, State College, or Altoona. Give us a call with your questions or you can go here and see what the Commonwealth of PA and the DEP have for educational resources.
Probably. Mold is a naturally occurring organism and it’s in the air we breathe every day. So in short, we all have it. It usually only becomes a problem when it exceeds healthy levels, or if certain types are in the air. Unfortunately, it’s microscopic and there is no way of determining what kind or how much is present without laboratory analysis. Generally speaking, people with asthma, forms of respiratory distress, or those susceptible to allergens are most easily affected. Obviously, our health can be affected by mold so if you think there is a problem give us a call. We can have someone there to test the area and let you know exactly what you’re dealing with as well as guide you through the remediation process should it be needed.

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