Mold Inspections

Get Mold Inspection From a Professional in York, PA

We at Helping Solutions not only will we perform mold inspection, but we can help you remove it as well.

Do I have house mold? Probably. Mold is a naturally occurring organism and it’s in the air we breathe every day. So in short, we all have it. It usually only becomes a problem when it exceeds healthy levels, or if certain types are in the air. Unfortunately, it’s microscopic and there is no way of determining what kind or how much is present without laboratory analysis. Generally speaking, people with asthma, forms of respiratory distress, or those susceptible to allergens are most easily affected. Obviously, our health can be affected by mold so if you think there is a problem give us a call. We can have someone there to test the area and let you know exactly what you’re dealing with as well as guide you through the remediation process should it be needed. Whether you need commercial or residential mold inspection and remediation, we have you covered!

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Benefit From The Advantages of Our Mold Inspection and Testing

When you work with experienced and licensed professionals to perform home mold inspections, you get various benefits, including:

  • Receiving a proper and professional mold assessment
  • Treating your mold problem properly
  • Prevention of future mold infestations
  • Providing good air quality to maintain your family and employees health

Schedule Your Mold Inspection & Remediation Today!

As a general rule of thumb, the longer you wait to fix any home issue, the costlier it will be! Save money with our help and let us perform an extensive and all-inclusive mold inspection and remediation to help you breathe easy again! Contact us today by calling (814) 934-0905 or book a virtual consultation!

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