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What is radon? It’s a colorless, odorless gas that naturally occurs in soil. Unfortunately, our state has more of it than normal and it gets trapped in our homes. PA is considered a Tier 1 state, meaning that we are among the highest levels in the country. Radon in Johnstown, State College, and Altoona is very prevalent. If you have questions about radon testing, don’t fret. It is usually easy to measure and fix. With our radon testing services, we measure the level of radon in your home while we perform your home inspection in Johnstown, State College, or Altoona. Give us a call with your questions or you can go here and see what the Commonwealth of PA and the DEP have for educational resources.

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Benefits of Radon Inspection

Performing a complete home radon test is crucial for every homeowner. Our radon inspectors will also check thoroughly your business to ensure that it’s safe. The major benefits of getting a trained and certified professional to perform radon testing and remediation are:

  • Improving your indoor air quality
  • Impeding moisture that otherwise accumulates in slab or basement floors
  • Extend your and your family’s lifespans
  • Boost your real estate value

Schedule Your Radon Inspection Today

Whether you want your home or business to be inspected for any sign of radon by tried and true professionals with over a decade of experience performing radon testing, then contact us immediately! Radon testing is often called the “silent killer” and its also invisible and odorless, so you may be breathing radon at this very moment and not even notice it until it’s too late. Let us ensure that your working environment and home are a safe place to be and contact us by calling (814) 934-0905 or booking a virtual consultation today!

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